Born in Morocco, made in London.

Marrouge is a business owned and run by two women living today in London.

One is born and raised in Paris with Moroccan ancient blood and the second born and raised in New-York with Albanian blood. Our cultures is our force.


A year ago my partner and me were having a diner with my mom in Paris and obviously our conversation turned to be about my moms beauty secret from Morocco and its importance for women to take care of their skin. One thing leads to another, a month later we were in a plane direction MARRAKECH ! 


This was the beginning of our journey called Marrouge.


Each of our products are important for us and each has it own story. We created Marrouge to perpetuate the heritage and to transmit the secrets of ancestral beauty of Morocco all over the world through a modern gaze.




The main ingredients we use come from Moroccan women’s cooperatives. Our formulas are inspired by the culture of traditional Moroccan beauty and our products are created in the homeland of beauty using natural and organic ingredients of high quality. (Prickly pear, rose oil, argan…)


Prickly pear


Berber women have been using this oil for centuries in the most arid areas of Morocco. Many of them contribute their flawless skins after all their exposure to sun, heat and hard work to this miracle oil.

It is worth noting that half a ton of these cactus fruits only produces one liter of prickly pear seed oil. Each seed only contains 5% oil and it is this combination of factors that makes prickly pear oil one of the most expensive beauty oils in the world.






Women Empowerment or a company that gives back 



 - We believe on a fair trade for women and men behind the production the production of these products.


We donate a percentage of our revenue to local outreach programs that improve the lives of women and men and their families 

We are dedicated to the power of education for kids without school and living in the streets to  attain their goals through knowledge and scholarship.





We are expanding our skincare range, to unravel and more fascinating ancient beauty secrets to share with all the women and men in the world. Morocco is one of the top beauty and skin care destination.


Driven by female entrepreneurial spirit, Marrouge is committed to keep female empowerment at the heart of our brand.


We are especially excited to think that the beginning of Marrouge is also the beginning of your daily routines, we did not see a better way to start this adventure than with our 3 signatures products.




To our Moms and all the moms who inspires and encourages their kids to perpetuate their culture/tradition for many generations.