“Giving back is the greatest gift of love for humanity and the greatest source of joy of life”

Marrouge is a brand that not only relies on the natural resources of Morocco but we also rely on the help of Moroccan women. Moroccan women have played a vital role in the production of argan oils and it is many of these women who are employed throughout Morocco to work in cooperatives where Argan oil is produced.

A centuries old tradition, Berber women and their families rely on the traditional methods of cracking the argan kernels and pressing of the oil in cooperatives as a means of raising their families and working closely together. They are able to be empowered and establish independence, earn living wages and contribute to helping the environment. As argan trees are vulnerable to degradation, drought and other uncontrollable natural factors, women in these cooperatives have established “tree nurseries” to preserve seeds and nurture argan tree seedlings, the indigenous plantation that their independence is reliant on.

 A portion of our sales goes towards helping these women and building more argan trees to help the environment. Marrouge supports the people and the country of Morocco and works closely with charities, suppliers and co-operatives in Morocco to provide food, clothing and aid to help build and elevate its environment and people.



We are committed to creating beauty products that are natural, organic and ethically sourced and believe in supporting the local suppliers who farm many of the oils we use in our products. We also try to maintain environmental sustainability and use glass and recycled plastics in our packaging.         

Many of the local suppliers employ women and supporting women is at the core of our ethics and beliefs. All of our products are made in Morocco and specially formulated for Marrouge to you.